All About Us

Young Team With Incredible Ideas

Mypolygon Studio is a creative design and online marketing provider which consists of design addicts, web lovers and professional marketors, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As a digital service provider, our task is to convert clients' ideas and make them greater. We focus on working with our clients and are passionate to produce creative and intelligent designs according to their needs and bring them alive.

We believe that a website is often the customers’ first experience with a brand, company or organization. Therefore, we make website a medium for our clients to materialize their ideas. Besides, we also believe in making websites is not only relying on eye-catching but also functional and tied to their business objective.

Growth By The Most Celebrated Partners

We partner with design enthusiasts and others web service provider to provide services to our clients. We clearly choose our strategicically partners that meet client’s needs and expectation. We match client owners with the best services bosed on their needs.

Co-founder and Creative

If you ask, can creativity change the world? Ambie answers, YES!

Ambie has always held an interest for art and design, in some form or another. She fell in love with creative design when she was still a kid and this relationship still continues. She likes exploring and loves to create something new.

We call her "the lady-Tarzan-wannabe" as she is very keen on outdoor activities. She used to sleep by the riverside, seashore and jungle. Soon, she will be climbing the volcanoes in East Jawa. C'mon, let's wish her luck.

Co-founder and Interactive

Kit loves beautiful, unique and clean design. Since graduating with degree in Graphic and Multimedia, he has found his only passion in web design & development. With a couple of years of experience in this industry, Kit has sufficient knowledge and technique in creating user-friendly interactive websites.

One of his biggest dreams is to leave his footprints all around the world. He always wishes he had a pair of wings and could fly high like a bird up in the sky. He loves travelling and enjoys exploring beautiful places and learning from other cultures.

Co-founder and Account

Emily plays a very important role in Mypolygon Studio.

As an important bridge between Mypolygon and the clients, she strives to bring her passion to work because she believes creative design can perfectly convey the beautifulness of the world.